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MRO Inventory & Spares Optimization for Asset-Intensive Industries



Oil & Gas




Oniqua was formed nearly a quarter century ago with one goal in mind: to eradicate waste for MRO organizations. We have honed our skills, tools, and experience over the years, never straying from this singular focus. That’s why asset-intensive organizations around the world – including the world’s leading Oil & Gas, Mining, Utilities and Transportation companies – rely upon Oniqua Intelligent MRO to help them achieve significant and rapid results, such as:

  • 15-50% reductions in inventory holdings
  • 20-35% decreases in replenishment costs
  • 30-50% reductions in stock-out risk
  • 15-40% savings within maintenance budgets
  • 400% ROI

With Oniqua's advanced MRO analytics technology and support services, companies in asset-intensive industries can easily standardize, analyze and optimize their materials and maintenance activities to reduce costs, enhance operational performance and improve service levels.

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Inventory Optimization SolutionsOniqua for inventory optimization and materials management

Addressing Increasing Inventory Levels

Asset-intensive operations are under constant pressure to keep inventory levels under control while not impacting service levels. Supply Chain and Inventory Managers need to optimize their inventory and improve forecasting, while Maintenance Managers need to ensure uptime. With Oniqua’s Intelligent MRO, teams can move unused inventory back to suppliers, control levels more efficiently, and identify better supply chain workflows – all while improving service levels.


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