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Optimizing Critical Maintenance Spares and Material Inventories for Mining

Unearth double-digit savings, sooner than you thought possible.

Not too long ago, the mining industry enjoyed a boom with no end in sight. Welcome to the new normal. Falling commodity prices and declining demand mandate deep cost cutting. At mining companies around the world, executive leadership and governing boards now demand deeper than ever cost savings across operations.

Oniqua is well known for helping top-tier mining companies do just that. For these businesses, reducing the cost of maintaining and operating fixed and mobile assets can add tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars to the bottom line.

By partnering with Oniqua to optimize your MRO expenditures, you can deliver the cost reductions your stakeholders want to see – while keeping production assets and equipment running at top performance. Oniqua is already helping leading mining companies around the world, including BHP Billiton, Newmont Mining, Rio Tinto, Vale and Xstrata, do just that. By partnering with Oniqua to optimize their MRO activities, our customers are already experiencing the significant step-change reductions in operational costs that are being demanded of them.

Uncover Hidden MRO Spares Opportunities Today

Oniqua’s technology can optimize your MRO on an ongoing basis.

Tame Complexity
MRO Materials

200,000 spare parts. 0 spreadsheets.

Managing tens of thousands of parts is no easy task. Items are spread out, and they range from high-value, slow-moving parts to low-value, fast-moving parts. Getting a handle on which materials turn faster, and their criticality to business operations is essential. With Intelligent MRO, teams can break free of spreadsheets and get control of complex MRO materials management.