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Optimizing Critical Maintenance Spares and Material Inventories for for Oil & Gas

Prevent unplanned events, minimize risk and hit production targets with Oniqua Intelligent MRO.

For Oil & Gas professionals responsible for production operations, refinery processing or pipeline integrity, the pressure to achieve peak asset performance, total uptime and maximum safety is higher than ever. So is the need to control costs. That means not just preventing unplanned events, but doing it cost effectively.

Having the right spares and materials available when needed, to perform both planned and unplanned maintenance, is clearly essential to reliability and safety. However, a variety of factors make accomplishing this goal extremely difficult, such as the sheer volume of items, diversity of equipment, potential lack of established BOMs, varying levels of criticality, inconsistent lead times, slow and lumpy demand history, consideration of upcoming projects, repairable items and the time required to gather and organize essential data for decision making.

Oniqua Intelligent MRO is designed to directly address these and other challenges related to optimizing Oil & Gas materials and maintenance management. OAS integrates your reliability / engineering teams’ business logic with MRO-specific predictive models. The level of automation that OAS provides makes it possible for Oniqua’s global, multisite clients, like ConocoPhillips, BP, Dow and Apache, to optimize their spares and materials every month, resulting in:

  • Improved service levels
  • Mitigation of production risks
  • Enhanced reliability and safety of assets and infrastructures
  • Improved operational and plant efficiencies
  • Optimized maintenance supply chain processes
  • Reduced costs

Uncover Hidden MRO Spares Opportunities Today

Oniqua Intelligent MRO helps Oil & Gas companies increase reliability and prevent unplanned downtime.

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Lowering material costs while improving service levels

Figuring out how to lower inventory and MRO costs while ensuring better inventory control and service levels is no easy task. With Intelligent MRO, you can meet uptime targets while reducing excess inventory. Field teams, operations, warehousing and production teams can get the parts they need for quick repairs all while dramatically lowering costs.


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