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Oniqua and Veriluma form Partnership to Explore Potential of Leveraging Predictive Intelligence Technology to Enhance MRO Inventory Optimization

Subjective logic ideally suited to address the uncertainty and incomplete knowledge inherent in MRO environments; takes into account the known, considers the unknown

DENVER, USA – March 30, 2016 – Oniqua Intelligent MRO, the leader in MRO inventory optimization for asset-intensive industries; and Veriluma, developers of a patented predictive intelligence engine; today announced an exclusive partnership to explore a wide range of potential applications designed to help Oniqua customers enhance decision-making capabilities in the area of MRO spare parts and materials management.

“The Veriluma predictive intelligence platform has been leveraged successfully across a variety of commercial environments and public sectors agencies, including law enforcement, defense and national security,” stated Steve Herrmann, CEO, Oniqua. “We will look to harness this powerful technology to provide our customers with greater insights into both the opportunities and the risks they face while managing their MRO inventories.”

Examples of potential applications for Oniqua customers include:

  • Assigning spare parts criticality
  • Reducing the risk of unforeseen and lengthy shutdowns caused by the failure of spare parts
  • Identifying political, cultural, environmental and financial risk and threats to future development sites
  • Improving project management, such as risk obstruction and successful delivery
  • Enhancing strategic planning and competitive positioning

Veriluma patented technology weighs factors according to their level of importance; assesses and tracks problems over time as information changes; identifies risks that companies can take action to mitigate; and takes into account both quantitative and qualitative information to allow users to consider all factors without emotion, bias or prejudice.

About Veriluma
Veriluma's patented predictive intelligence software engine called Sheba, was initially developed in a Commonwealth Research Centre for the Australian Department of Defense, specifically for application in the Defense Intelligence Organization (DIO). Veriluma was established in 2010 to further develop the software which is now being commercialized across a broad range of industries and government departments.

Veriluma's software complements Big Data and business intelligence tools. Sheba provides solutions to a range of strategic, operational and critical problems and decision-making scenarios. The software's unique algorithms and applications provide objective outcomes, which lead to more efficient and effective decision-making helping government and non-government organizations mitigate the risks associated with decision making. Application opportunities exist globally across a wide range of industries including banking and financial services, insurance, legal, government agencies and others. Initial target areas and associated revenues streams have been scoped. In these, and many more scenarios, Sheba is immediately beneficial in helping decision makers make better, more informed decisions.

About Oniqua
Oniqua Intelligent MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) capabilities combine the world’s most advanced MRO analytics technology with analyst services, consulting, master data cleansing and industry expertise to optimize the performance of materials management and operations/maintenance activities.

Oniqua is proud to serve many of the world’s largest energy and resources companies, including BHP Billiton, ConocoPhillips, Dow, BP, Newmont Mining, Rio Tinto, American Electric Power, Tennessee Valley Authority, Nebraska Public Power District and many others.

Oniqua is owned by international oilfield support services company ASCO. The company employs over 2,500 people in four key regions, and offers a wide range of services including inventory and materials management, offshore supply base management, onshore oilfield support, environmental services, personnel and training, advisory and technical services as well as fuel services.