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Oniqua Launches Next Generation MRO Inventory Optimization Platform for Asset-Intensive Industries

Next generation platform helps asset-intensive companies increase margins, improve service levels and minimize unplanned downtime through comprehensive MRO inventory optimization capabilities

• Cloud-based solution leveraging elastic search and big data technologies delivers the most feature-rich set of MRO inventory optimization capabilities in the industry, including intermittent demand forecasting and score-based work prioritization process

• Several years in the making, award-winning Oniqua IQ™ Inventory represents most significant software offering in Company’s 27-year history

DENVER, USA – August 1, 2017 – Oniqua Intelligent MRO ("Oniqua"), the leading provider of MRO inventory optimization solutions for asset-intensive organizations, today announced that Oniqua IQ™ Inventory – the Company’s next generation MRO Inventory Optimization platform running on the cloud, leveraging elastic search and big data technologies – is now available.

“Oniqua has secured a competitive edge over its peers by providing a solution with prescriptive analytics, multi-dimensional inventory forecasting algorithms and reporting capabilities that fill gaps in leading ERP and EAM systems,” states Sankara Narayanan, Senior Analyst, Frost & Sullivan.

Oniqua IQ Inventory is an award-winning, cloud-based MRO Inventory Optimization platform that combines sophisticated statistical analyses, prescriptive analytics and optimization algorithms to help users in asset-intensive industries improve margins, increase service levels and minimize unplanned downtime. Specifically designed for the unique challenges of MRO environments, IQ Inventory provides users with an accurate, detailed picture of their MRO inventory performance; and powerful capabilities to make informed decisions that balance cost and risk to optimize MRO inventories.

“We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback on IQ Inventory across our entire install base of customers,” stated Joe Berti, CEO of Oniqua. “We are extremely excited about this release as it represents more of a step change in inventory optimization than a mere product upgrade. Oniqua’ s cloud-based solution, which leverages big data and elastic search technology, is designed to solve the world’s largest companies’ inventory optimization problems.”

Designed, developed and refined over the course of several years, IQ Inventory provides a unique and comprehensive set of MRO Inventory Optimization capabilities. Key highlights include:

  • Improved Intermittent Demand Forecasting – Overcomes the difficulty in forecasting intermittent and variable demand that characterizes MRO environments. Leverages newly-integrated algorithms to improve forecasting accuracy and stocking level recommendations; enhance service levels; and reduce costs
  • IQ Scoring™ – Combines urgency, value and risk-based factors to assign objective priority scores to tasks, helping users to align best practices globally and work on the parts that deliver the most value the quickest
  • IQ Analytics™ – Available as standard offering with Oniqua Cloud subscriptions, IQ Analytics is Oniqua’s new dashboard and reporting capability that provides users with a faster, smarter and easier way to build and generate reports for greater visibility and insight across MRO operations
  • Improved Work Queues – Oniqua’s unique approach to work prioritization and processing just got better, as Work Queues now includes IQ Scoring™ and multi-set processing
  • Custom Layouts – Users can lay out screens exactly the way they want and need them, being able to place desired fields anywhere on the screen; and customize Work Queue layouts to closely align IQ Inventory with review or business processes
  • Redesigned User Interface – A completely re-envisioned user interface improves usability, flattens learning curves and maximizes efficiency and productivity
  • Improved Performance – Users can now update records in a single click, such as review and export items; as well as interact, filter, sort and update millions of records in seconds
  • Oniqua IQ Support Center – Oniqua support, documentation, and online training is now accessible directly within IQ Inventory for seamless support and quicker support response and assistance

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