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Oniqua Material Definition

Transform SAP Materials Descriptions From Free Form Text into Structured Materials Data

The SAP Materials system, which is the default functionality used to perform catalog–related tasks within SAP, provides only free format text for description and purchase order text. This provides significant challenges to productivity, resources and budgets due to the effort in maintaining free format text. 

However the SAP Classification system can be leveraged to provide much richer catalog maintenance capability by using Oniqua Material Definition (OMD) to provide a bridge between SAP Classifications and SAP Materials functionality.

The SAP Catalog Data Transformation Challenge

With the SAP Classification system, users have the capability to efficiently record a hierarchy of Classes and associated Attributes sets (tables) to create a basic standard for the catalog. Each instance of a Class in a Material Master record attracts a unique set of Values and Value Descriptions providing an item definitions’ data. However, the data in SAP Materials only supports free form text.

As a result, the cataloger is required to copy the data and create the required 40-character Material Definition and Purchase Order Text – all of which must be done every time Classification tables are added, changed or modified.

 Because SAP Materials only supports free form text, the entire process becomes painfully slow, laborious and prone to error, leading to:

  • Poor performance in search and select activities
  • A lack of uniformity in the presentation of data
  • Errors due to dependence on human activity
  • Very slow response in making widespread changes

The Solution – Oniqua Material Definition

Oniqua Material Definition (OMD) addresses the above challenges by automating the build of either an individual Material or range of Materials; the 40-character Material Description; and Purchase Order Text with speed, efficiency and absolute accuracy. In addition to simplifying and greatly accelerating the maintenance of Classification, OMD displays the complete set of Classification data related to each Material record on one scrolling screen for easy reference.

Built specifically for SAP catalog users, OMD is the only software tool that transforms SAP Materials descriptions from free form text into structured materials data. However, OMD is not just for existing SAP users – it’s also perfect for organizations considering migrating to SAP as it takes advantage of any past investment made in the classification of your inventory and adds appropriate weighting to provide a well-defined Classifications system.

By using OMD’s structured classification capabilities, a consistent global standard can be applied to SAP catalogs quickly and easily, allowing you to:

  • Save hundreds of hours and countless errors every year
  • Maintain a consistent global specification standard for all materials in SAP
  • Reduce duplication costs related to unnecessary inventory
  • Eliminate maintenance costs related to describing every item in its material description field

OMD also eliminates potential inconsistencies over time due to staff turnover, multiple catalogers, varying description rules and different locations.