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How Can Oniqua Help You Optimize Critical Maintenance Spares and Materials Inventories?

How can Oniqua help me with inventory bloat?

We take a unique data-driven approach to evaluating MRO costs, unearth hidden value and recommend intelligent changes. We call it Intelligent MRO. Beyond simply getting the right parts and materials to the right place at the right time, optimizing your MRO spares inventories helps you drive operational efficiencies, reap cost savings and boost inventory performance. Optimization technologies and best practices improve management of MRO spares and consumables inventories, eliminating inventory bloat and enabling continuous improvement.


What kind of results can I expect with Oniqua?

Oniqua’s approach helps you minimize costs and maximize uptime. We help asset-intensive companies optimize MRO spend. And that means money in the bank. Typical results reported by Oniqua customers include 400% return on investment (ROI) within the first year, double-digit inventory reductions and substantial savings:

  • 15-50% reductions in inventory holdings
  • 20-35% decreases in replenishment costs
  • 30-50% reductions in stock-out risk
  • 15-40% savings within maintenance budgets


Do I need to cleanse my data in order to run Oniqua analytics?

No, in fact many customers find that running Oniqua analytics helps them sort out their data while they achieve significant results. That said, clean data always helps. That’s why Oniqua provides master data services. Oniqua software leverages a range of sophisticated statistical algorithms, including some extra powerful proprietary optimization algorithms. The application will continuously return better data and more optimal recommendations – but you get there faster if you get busy cleaning. In this sense, clean data is a foundation of optimization.


Why can’t my ERP or EAM system do this?

Oniqua helps asset-intensive companies make better use of the MRO data captured in ERP, EAM or other transactional systems. Advanced analytics go beyond the simple query and reporting tools provided with most enterprise solutions – even business intelligence (BI) couldn’t provide this level of actionable information. These systems were simply not designed for the unique challenges presented in the MRO environment.


Is Oniqua analytics just another BI tool?

The analytics application extracts both current and historical data form your enterprise systems, and analyzes it for patterns and relationships that likely wouldn’t be apparent otherwise. Advanced, prescriptive analytics can also automate high volume, low-risk decisions, recommend actions, provide “what if” scenarios and more accurately forecast future conditions. Oniqua provides data visualizations, reporting capabilities and specific recommendations that make it easy for MRO practitioners to apply advanced analytical algorithms to enterprise data in order to optimize – balance risk and cost – MRO operations.


How can I see Oniqua in action?

Smart question. It’s really easy. Schedule a demo here, and throughout our website, to get a sense for what Oniqua’s analytics software capabilities can do with a sample of your data. Simply fill out a short form, and we’ll contact you with the next steps.


How long does it take to achieve results?

Oniqua customers typically start to recognize positive return on investment (ROI) within months of implementation and go-live. And that’s just the beginning: Optimization fosters ongoing process improvements, efficiency gains and cost reductions.


Is Oniqua a cloud-based analytics solution?

These days, enterprise cloud solutions are the smarter way to go. Oniqua’s cloud platform delivers fast, reliable, secure, simple access to our MRO analytics application. Our customers really like the convenience, speed and low IT requirements that comes with our hosted option. You get all the powerful, MRO-specific capabilities of Oniqua, without the costs of managing software, resources and infrastructure.


How does Oniqua support my success?

Oniqua recognizes that your needs for support services extend beyond “when things go wrong”. Getting the most from our analytics solutions requires users to be proactive and creative, continuously adapting to new ways to improve effectiveness. That’s why we provide a range of support services to enable you along your path to MRO optimization maturity. In addition to your Customer Success consultant and dedicated support team, you’ll get online support, training, access to Oniqua’s user community and more.


Do I need to hire a team of analysts to run Oniqua?

No. In fact, we can provide analyst services that offer the resources you need, when you need them.