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Master Data Services

For Critical Maintenance Spares and Material Inventories

When it comes to standardizing your MRO inventory data, you’re talking about the opportunity for huge cost savings and efficiency gains. With Oniqua’s Master Data Standardization capabilities, you can ensure that items of supply follow a consistent encoding standard and that duplicate stock items are eliminated.

Poor master material data quality not only disrupts operational efficiency but can also diminish ROI for ERP initiatives due to:

  • Lack of inventory visibility
  • Costly stockouts or overstocking
  • Errors in material orders
  • Inefficient processes
  • Invisible duplicates
  • Poor standard naming conventions
  • Poor technical specification conventions
  • Poor asset integrity
  • Obsolete materials
Master Data Governance & Compliance

Oniqua consultants provide master data process consulting for centrally governed, locally actioned governance in SAP/OAS MMR environment. We will help you design processes and implement tools that ensure item standardization and consolidation across your organization.

Master Data Cleansing & Enrichment

Oniqua provides a fully outsourced catalog cleansing service. With a toolset designed specifically for MRO SAP materials master record management, Oniqua will develop a Standards Specification policy document detailing what and how standards are to be applied including what key data elements are to be controlled.


Master Data Item Search

OSD provides ready access to a comprehensive set of lookup files for Industry preferred abbreviations; manufacturer mnemonics; units of measure with definitions and codes for use in different length fields.

Master Data Catalog

OSD (Oniqua Standards Dictionary) is a dictionary designed to assist an organization to consistently apply a common item naming and describing standard to spare parts and operating supplies.

Oniqua Standards Dictionary (OSD) is more than just a look up tool. With OSD, you can transform material cataloging into a value driver.

Oniqua’s unique one-to-many cross referencing of UNSPSC to Item Names supports industry’s extensive use of the UNSPSC classifications. The unique inclusion of Single Source of Supply (SSoS) and OEM specific names encourages users to adopt best practice naming standards where no standards existed before.

Master Data Subject Matter Expertise

Oniqua’s Support Team have over 30 years of experience with naming conventions and taxonomies. We’re ready to help you with:

  • Interpreting manufacturer’s data in relation to item naming
  • Clarification of master data definitions, classification assignments, and templates
  • Creating new names and templates, and/or colloquia, not currently covered
  • Any other ad hoc enquiries for assistance with cataloging

Achieving inventory optimizing, avoiding asset downtime, and delivering on SLA’s shouldn’t be hindered by bad data. Benefits of an Oniqua Master Data project include:

  • Improved visibility of stock
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced inventory levels
  • Efficient purchasing and warehousing
  • Improved stock efficiency by ensuring a single, accurate stock code for each item
  • Reduced inventory procurement and holding costs by eliminating errors and duplicate items
  • An ROI of up to 15x