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Optimizing Critical Maintenance Spares and Material Inventories for Mining

Unearth double-digit savings, sooner than you thought possible.

Not too long ago, the mining industry enjoyed a boom with no end in sight. Welcome to the new normal. Falling commodity prices and declining demand mandate deep cost cutting. At mining companies around the world, executive leadership and governing boards now demand deeper than ever cost savings across operations.

Oniqua is well known for helping top-tier mining companies do just that. For these businesses, reducing the cost of maintaining and operating fixed and mobile assets can add tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars to the bottom line.

By partnering with Oniqua to optimize your MRO expenditures, you can deliver the cost reductions your stakeholders want to see – while keeping production assets and equipment running at top performance. Oniqua is already helping leading mining companies around the world, including BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Vale and Xstrata, do just that. By partnering with Oniqua to optimize their MRO activities, our customers are already experiencing the significant step-change reductions in operational costs that are being demanded of them.

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Struggling to lower costs without hurting performance?

Steve, an inventory manager, sits down with his supervisor and explains his dilemma of trying to lower inventory and MRO costs while ensuring optimal service levels to meet uptime targets. They both agree it will be important to involve maintenance and operations in the discussion.

After doing some research, Steve tells his supervisor that the solution comes down to forecasting and taking concrete actions, with confidence. They both know, however, that their ERP system doesn’t provide the specific capabilities needed for their MRO-specific challenges. They decide that a better approach would be to find best-of-breed technology and an application with “smarts” that doesn’t require four more years of education. They find Oniqua fits the bill.

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Michael, an inventory manager, and his supervisor Jeff review a memo from their CFO about the need to reduce inventory levels. They believe they have the raw data to help them solve their inventory bloat, but they also know their ERP system really wasn’t designed to help them optimize their inventory levels.

So, Michael researches the term inventory optimization, begins to read white papers and attends webinars and seminars on the topic. He ultimately learns that the best solution for his company would be to implement a best-of-breed analytics solution that’s specifically designed for MRO inventory management and optimization. After going live with Oniqua, Michael’s company reduces total inventory by $2 million in the first year.

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How can you deal with materials complexity?

John, a materials manager, meets with his colleague Jim regularly to keep him informed about the critical materials that keep their upstream oil production running. John relies on his ERP system to track the location of these materials – but is plagued by complexity, inconsistent numbers, and even purchasing errors that cause operational delays.

After reviewing the situation, John and Jim decide to look for technology that can help them with these MRO-related challenges. They decide to search for a best-of-breed software solution, which can provide MRO optimization capabilities by leveraging existing data in their ERP system. They check with their peers, and they discover Oniqua.

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