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OAS Software – Optimize Critical Maintenance Spares and Materials Inventories

You don’t have to be a statistical genius to drive value with Oniqua’s Intelligent MRO solutions. We’ve removed the complexity, cost, and difficulty of sophisticated data analysis to make it accessible to the average materials manager. Oniqua Intelligent MRO solutions help tame the complexity to optimize critical and non-critical maintenance spares and materials. No advanced degree required.


OAS provides rich visualizations and optimization algorithms to analyze existing data captured from your transactional systems. The results are used to automatically optimize key decision parameters – providing a closed-loop optimization process that continually improves MRO performance. The OAS architecture is highly scalable, supporting small single installs to large global enterprise clients, scaling for performance and redundancy.

Popular Capabilities of OAS include:

  • Oniqua IQ Analytics – Business Intelligence for MRO Optimization
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Materials Level Reset
  • Materials / Equipment Criticality Design & Build
  • Surplus/Obsolete Stock Management
  • Equipment Criticality Analysis
  • Inventory Performance Visbility
  • Fast & Slow Moving Analysis
  • Materials Return Analysis
  • Service Level Forecast
  • Cost Model Alignment
  • Demand Type Analysis
  • Materials Pricing Analysis
  • Supplier Peformance Analysis

What makes OAS so intelligent?

  • Advanced algorithms and analytics balance cost and risk – OAS leverages advanced industry-specific algorithms and analytics capabilities that help companies intelligently balance costs and risk across MRO materials management activities.
  • Interactive visualizations and actionable insight – Visualizations and “what if” scenarios make complex data patterns, trends, and opportunities easy for users to identify and comprehend, enabling them to make better decisions and take effective action.
  • Easy host system integration – OAS can interoperate with one or many host systems – homogeneous or heterogeneous ERP, EAM, or data warehouses – to synchronize data. OAS integrates with all major ERP, EAM systems, including SAP, Oracle, IBM Maximo, Ventyx Ellipse and others.
  • Flexible configuration – OAS provides configuration flexibility through customizable business logic, editable data dictionary, text and terminology editing, customizable user interface windows, agnostic input/output data interface, and custom reporting options. Near-limitless integration and use scenarios address industry standards, business requirements, strategy, geographic dispersion, size and complexity.
  • Convenient, accessible cloud deployment – Oniqua delivers OAS as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) on our cloud platform. You get all the powerful optimization capabilities of OAS without the costs of managing software, infrastructure and resources.

Uncover Hidden MRO Spares Opportunities Today

OAS provides closed-loop optimization for continuous improvement.