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Oniqua Announces Upcoming Webinar: “Discover the 12 Best Practices of MRO Inventory Optimization”

Oniqua Intelligent MRO (Oniqua), a leader in spares and materials optimization for asset-intensive industries, today announced it will present a webinar titled, “Discover the Best Practices of MRO Inventory Optimization” on October 18, 2017 at 8:00 AM MDT.

“Determining the optimal stock levels for MRO spares should be a science, not an art,” said presenter Greg Meszes, Principal Presales for Oniqua Intelligent MRO. “But for most organizations, it represents an impossible numbers game. This webinar will cover proven best practices that are fundamental to achieving significant inventory reductions and substantial bottom-line savings.”

Inventory managers in asset-intensive industries are faced with the challenge of managing tens or hundreds of thousands of items, each with their own characteristics, requiring complex and time-consuming calculations. Organizations without optimized inventory run the risk of overpaying and underperforming.

By leveraging technology tools, automated processes and inventory management best practices to optimize MRO spares and consumables, asset-intensive organizations can consistently produce results like these:

  • 15-25% reduction in funds invested in safety stock
  • 5-20% decrease in write-offs of surplus and obsolete stock
  • 10-25% fewer stock-outs, for improved availability and productivity
  • 10-25% drop in administrative costs for replenishing inventory
  • 33-66% less resource time spent managing inventory

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