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Oniqua IQ Analytics – Reporting and Dashboards for Critical Maintenance Spares Inventories

Having trouble getting the visibility you need across your critical maintenance spares and materials to effectively manage your inventory?

Oniqua IQ™ Analytics – a game-changing dashboard and reporting capability that comes standard with Oniqua Cloud subscriptions – provides users with a faster, smarter and easier way to build and generate reports to gain much greater visibility and insight across your critical maintenance spares and materials inventories.

With Oniqua IQ Analytics, Oniqua Cloud customers can take advantage of a host of new features and capabilities that will take your dashboards and reporting capabilities to a whole new level.

Faster Analytics
– Reduce costly stockouts and unplanned downtime by quickly visualizing MRO inventory levels, stock outs, service levels and dozens of other important metrics across your MRO operations, then actioning with OAS
– Significantly reduce reporting effort, freeing up time for other important tasks

– Reduce reporting time from days to minutes

Greater Ease of Use
– Achieve significant improvement in teams’ workload efficiencies and productivity
– Analyze MRO data with intuitive drag & drop functionality
– Become more proactive and improve efficiencies to improve preventive maintenance activities

– No programming… just insight

Smarter Dashboards
– Benefit from more accurate reports than other tools
– Combine multiple views of data to get richer insight
– Best practices of data visualization baked in

Ability to Update Automatically
– Get the freshest data with a live connection to your data
– Get automatic product updates

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Standard, out-of-the box Reports are included as part of all Oniqua Cloud subscriptions, with customizable Reports available upon request. A virtually unlimited number of potential Reports are available to help you quickly visualize and analyze your inventory optimization picture. Just a small sample of potential reports includes:

– Inventory Stockouts
– Stock Counts by Criticality
– Service Level Impact
– Materials Return
– Criticality Breakout
– Issues History
– Stock-On-Hand by Benchmark
– Surplus/Obsolete Stock
– Scheduled/Unscheduled Downtime
– Mean Time Between Failure
– Inventory Reduction Target

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MRO Asset Optimization

Oniqua IQ Analytics Overview

Gain access to a whole new level of reporting

MRO Asset Optimization

Analyst Profile: Oniqua

While most EAM and ERP systems have modules for managing MRO materials, Oniqua’s solution takes this to the next level