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Oniqua IQ™ Inventory

Optimize Critical Maintenance Spares and MRO Materials Inventories

Introducing Oniqua IQ Inventory – the next generation Inventory platform by industry leader Oniqua.

Oniqua IQ Inventory is an award-winning, cloud-based Inventory platform that combines sophisticated statistical analyses, prescriptive analytics and optimization algorithms to help users in asset-intensive industries improve margins, increase service levels and minimize unplanned downtime. Specifically designed for the unique challenges of MRO environments, IQ Inventory provides users with an accurate, detailed picture of their MRO inventory performance; and powerful capabilities to make informed decisions that balance cost and risk to optimize MRO inventories.

Now, users can enjoy all the features and benefits of the Oniqua solution they have grown accustomed to, plus a host of brand new features to take their inventory management efforts to the next level.

Featured Capabilities of Oniqua IQ Inventory include:

  • Improved Intermittent Demand Forecasting – Overcome the difficulty in forecasting intermittent and variable demand that characterizes MRO environments. Leverage newly-integrated algorithms to improve forecasting accuracy and stocking level recommendations; enhance service levels; and reduce costs
  • IQ Scoring™ – Combines urgency, value and risk-based factors to assign objective scores to prioritize most pressing issues and items that need attention and action, helping users to achieve value faster
  • IQ Analytics™ – Our new dashboard and reporting capability provides users with a faster, smarter and easier way to build and generate reports for greater visibility and insight across MRO operations
  • Work Queues – Our unique approach to work prioritization allows you to monitor review progress and remaining workload as well as view by organizational area and data sets. Work Queues now includes IQ Scoring™ and multi-set processing
  • Custom Layouts – Lay out screens exactly the way you want and need them, being able to place desired fields anywhere on the screen; and customize Work Queue layouts to closely align IQ Inventory with review or business processes
  • Boosted Performance – Users can now update records in a single click, such as review and export items; as well as interact, filter, sort and update millions of records in seconds
  • Oniqua IQ Support Center – Oniqua support, documentation, and online training is now accessible directly within IQ Inventory for seamless support and quicker support response and assistance

What makes IQ Inventory so intelligent?

  • Advanced algorithms and analytics balance cost and risk – IQ Inventory leverages advanced industry-specific algorithms and analytics capabilities that help companies intelligently balance costs and risk across MRO materials management activities.
  • Interactive visualizations and actionable insight – Visualizations and “what if” scenarios make complex data patterns, trends, and opportunities easy for users to identify and comprehend, enabling them to make better decisions and take effective action.
  • Easy host system integration – IQ Inventory can interoperate with one or many host systems – homogeneous or heterogeneous ERP, EAM, or data warehouses – to synchronize data. IQ Inventory integrates with all major ERP, EAM systems, including SAP, Oracle, IBM Maximo, Ventyx Ellipse and others.
  • Flexible configuration – IQ Inventory provides configuration flexibility through customizable business logic, editable data dictionary, text and terminology editing, customizable user interface windows, agnostic input/output data interface, and custom reporting options. Near-limitless integration and use scenarios address industry standards, business requirements, strategy, geographic dispersion, size and complexity.
  • Convenient, accessible cloud deployment – Oniqua delivers IQ Inventory as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) on our cloud platform. You get all the powerful optimization capabilities of IQ Inventory without the costs of managing software, infrastructure and resources.

Oniqua IQ Inventory leverages elastic search and big data technologies to provide optimization algorithms that analyze existing data captured from your transactional systems. The results are used to automatically optimize key decision parameters – providing a closed-loop optimization process that continually improves MRO inventory performance. The IQ Inventory architecture is highly scalable, supporting small single installs to large global enterprise clients, scaling for performance and redundancy.

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