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Oniqua Rapid Value Services

Oniqua Rapid Value Services are one-time precision service engagements designed to deliver quick wins and significant savings across your critical maintenance spares and materials inventories.

Oniqua Professional Services consultants leverage their MRO subject matter expertise and Oniqua software where appropriate to optimize specific areas across MRO inventory and procurement operations.

  • Allows customers to isolate, target and address specific MRO areas that represent the greatest challenge and the highest potential impact
  • No downtime or negative disruption to existing operations associated with services
  • No software to buy or long-term commitment
  • Ideal for sampling the power of Oniqua

Inventory Optimization Rapid Value Services include:

Oniqua Materials Level Optimization
Optimize stocking levels and spares reordering

  • Consider key material characteristics and movement history to optimize stocking levels
  • Align stocking level and reordering recommendations with materials management strategy
  • Ensure not too many, and not too few, spare parts are available when needed
  • Replace manual effort and inconsistent “gut feel” stocking level approaches with objective analysis
  • Reduce costs, minimize downtime, improve service levels

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Slow Moving Spares
Reduce costs associated with slow moving, high cost MRO spares

  • Build a profile of current slow-moving inventory
  • Analyze and review slow moving items to avoid excessive re-ordering
  • Accurately report on opportunities for inventory reduction
  • Identify non-compliance with current materials management strategy for Insurance, Potential Obsolete and other types of spares
  • Improve service levels for critical items


Oniqua Material Criticality
Avoid costly stock outs and prevent unplanned downtime

  • Determine impact that each and every MRO spare under management has on operations
  • Assign and standardize “Business Impact” codes
  • Determine optimal stocking level for each item
  • Achieve greater visibility of impact stocking levels have on service levels based on criticality
  • Highlight risks and costs resulting from stock-outs or overstocking

Set Initial Reorder Level for New Materials

Deliver the right materials at the right time at the right cost

  • Accurately and objectively predict stock usage for new items
  • Provide reordering recommendations aligned with materials management strategy
  • Determine reorder levels based on required service levels and economic order quantities
  • Set Min/Max values and ROP/ROQ for each material on a per item basis
  • Highlight inventory holding and purchasing costs before and after stock reset

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Potential Obsolete Analysis
Reduce costs by identifying useless spares

  • Review and analyze materials on a per item basis to identify potentially obsolete spares
  • Generate reports of potential obsolete items by value, quantity, criticality, age, usage, site/equipment groupings, net effect on materials value and more
  • Embed a review process for potential obsolete items to maximize financial recovery to the business
  • Determine potential risks and costs resulting from an overstocking situation
  • Achieve greater visibility of usage trends across equipment and suppliers to enable proactive management of materials

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