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Oniqua Standards Dictionary (OSD)

Not simply a dictionary, OSD is a materials catalog standards database available on an online subscription basis. The taxonomy utilized by OSD owes its heritage to the Auslang standards – a widely acclaimed implementation of NATO cataloging principles, which has been refined over more than 30 years to meet the needs of asset-intensive industries.

Oniqua’s unique one-to-many cross referencing of UNSPSC to Item Names supports industry’s extensive use of the UNSPSC classifications. The unique inclusion of Single Source of Supply (SSoS) and OEM specific names encourages users to adopt best practice naming standards where no standards existed before.

OSD is a true cataloging environment that makes material master data creation tasks accurate, efficient and cost effective.

  • OSD eliminates inconsistent descriptions and duplicate item descriptions that lead to costly ordering mistakes and overstocking
  • OSD makes it simple and easy to name, classify and describe maintenance materials with accuracy and consistency
  • OSD provides taxonomy and standards, with material naming based on recognized international naming conventions as well as brand names and colloquial terms

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*Terms & Conditions: Payment Terms 14 Days from date of invoice; Payments to be received before access is activated.