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Optimizing Critical Maintenance Spares and Material Inventories for Transportation

Get your operations back on track by with MRO inventory optimization from Oniqua

Transportation companies depend on the stable availability of their assets to operate safely. A top priority is to manage and operate the infrastructure and assets that move people and products so they have highly dispersed assets. One of the most significant challenges is to balance the provision of spare parts across broad geographies and the cost of downtime or lost availability of assets.

The key to effective MRO Optimization is understanding item criticality. Alignment of item criticality with the asset where it is used drives the decision “What is the impact of a Stock-Out?” Optimize this with the cost to buy, cost to stock, where to stock and lead time (plus a few other variables) to continuously align with the ideal business benefit.

Today’s railroad companies are challenged with a wide variety of business influences ranging from pressure on budgets; rising operational and maintenance costs from older fleets; new forms of competition; and more complex modern rolling stock and trackside equipment to manage.

Oniqua is facilitating the path forward for railroad companies to improved service levels to operations and maintenance, while also reducing inventory-related costs by continuously optimizing MRO spare parts and materials inventories

Passenger trains in Metro and Intercity environments, including High Speed and Rapid transit, combine with other forms of public transportation to provide reliable and safe transit for millions of people daily across the globe. The public demands on this industry boils down to affordable service with on-time departure and arrival without exception. And there’s not an unlimited budget to provide this level of service.

Tremendous value can be recognized by optimizing MRO inventory levels and procurement transactions to find the ideal buying practice for each item, which helps ensure service levels are accomplished. This industry is continuously improving reliability and maintenance practices. To maximize the value of these improvements, MRO inventory must be optimized continuously to accommodate the changes in maintenance and repair frequency. Oniqua combines the maintenance history and asset criticality with the item transactional history to derive an optimal stocking level for each item.

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