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Critical Spares & Materials Management for Every Role

Lumpy demand. Slow-moving parts. Remote warehouses. Distant sites. The world of MRO presents some very unique challenges and they can be very different, depending on your role. Whether you manage MRO materials, supply chains or operations & maintenance, Oniqua can help.


Intelligent MRO benefits for Materials Managers

  • Minimize cost related to inventory holdings
  • Eradicate waste
  • Reduce stale inventory and bloat
  • Achieve faster, more successful response to critical repair needs
  • Attain improved material availability
  • Achieve greater visibility of stock overages, stock-outs, obsolete and surplus stock
  • Achieve optimal safety stock levels
  • Effectively balance safety stock levels efficiently across regional warehouses

Cut costs while creating greater efficiencies.
The Materials Manager role can be a very stressful position. Between bloated inventory, rising costs and the pressures to attain 100% material availability, there are too many moving parts and competing demands to make decisions based on gut feelings and spreadsheets.

With Intelligent MRO, Materials Managers can unleash the power of analytics and gain a new level of visibility and control to minimize costs while maintaining – or even improving – service levels.

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Get the results you are looking for:

  • Ensure uptime targets are met through greater materials availability
  • Improve planning and forecasting capabilities
  • Keep operation costs under control
  • Optimize inventory and supply chain out to sites
  • Increase safety compliance
  • Prevent “safety crises” at sites and production locations

Improve uptime, safety and reliability… while lowering costs

The end game is to keep your sites running with optimal uptime. It’s not only important to keep production schedules on target by limiting unplanned downtime, however.  You need to do it safely.

A harmonious balance between safety and optimized operations is non-negotiable, and there should be no compromise due to shortages or supply issues.  You need to be supremely confident that you will have the right materials at the right place and at the right time when it’s all on the line. Powered by advanced analytics, Oniqua can help.

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Oniqua can help you:

  • Improve lead times
  • Minimize risk by ensuring the right materials are available when needed
  • Reduce stock-out costs
  • Improve overall MRO supply chain efficiencies
  • Achieve greater supplier performance
  • Maximize supplier relationships

Get on the path to greater MRO supply chain efficiency

Supply chain management is full of challenges that can get in the way of running a smooth and efficient operation. Vendors can go out of business, financial pressures can undermine providers’ quality of service, and having too many of the wrong assets (or too few of the right ones) can send costs and workloads soaring.

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Leverage the power of analytics to:

  • Avoid production downtime
  • Optimize preventive maintenance schedules
  • Improve safety and compliance
  • Get costs under control
  • Achieve better alignment between business objectives and tactical execution on the plant floor
  • Achieve more objective, consistent, sustainable improvements

It’s tough to maintain your sanity when everything relies on you.

It seems the work you do hardly gets noticed until something breaks. The pressure is on to minimize downtime, keep safety levels high and optimize preventive maintenance schedules. You and your team are responsible for reviewing, updating and designing documentation on equipment usage, and you work closely with materials and supply managers to ensure the entire MRO ecosystem runs smoothly.

It all keeps you up at night… meeting those production targets, maximizing uptime, ensuring safety compliance and improving work management. Oniqua can help you rest easy.

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